2017 Biennium Goals and Objectives

Provide ready and reliable personnel, services, and infrastructure to meet wartime and peacetime mission requirements.


Sustainability:  Concentrate daily operations on mission execution.


o   100% sortie mission success rate.

o   Zero environmental, fire or life safety Notice of Violations.

o   Implement 100% preventative maintenance programs.



Efficiency:  Advance energy conservation measures and energy improvement projects.


o   Reduce gas and electric usage by 3% per year.

o   Reduce water consumption by 2% per year. 

o   Purchase or produce 7.5% renewable energy.



Effectiveness:  Provide a competent, productive, and conscientious work force.



o Support training, safety, and physical fitness. Maintain high expertise through continuing education, implement and emphasize safe practices, and encourage improved health and fitness.

o   Ensure integrity and stewardship of funds, equipment, and materials. Validate each expenditure and ensure checks and balances are in place for the financial process.  

o   Plan work to minimize unproductive time.  Every area will always be ready for inspections, audits or reviews that yield an excellent rating or higher with no significant negative findings.