2017 Biennium Goals and Objectives

Maintain department wide fiscal responsibility on behalf of the Adjutant General.


  • Perform annual reviews of department wide processes and internal controls.
  • Provide financial training to new accounting staff and financial managers within the first month of employment.
  • Ensure all federal expenditures are allowable for reimbursement and are reimbursed in the correct fiscal year.
  • Ensure all bills are paid within 10 working days of receipt by CSD.



Oversee and coordinate the department-wide budget preparation and submission.


  • Meet all deadlines for budget and fiscal note submission.
  • Review program budgets for accuracy and compliance with department directives prior to submission to OBPP.



Provide a comprehensive value-based personnel management service to department employees, supervisors and administrators in support of the agencies mission.


  • Review and update department policies on an annual basis to ensure they are in compliance with State and Federal policies.
  • Review and update job profiles every three years to ensure they current and accurately reflect the duties of the position.
  • Ensure that each state employee receives an annual performance appraisal.
  • Review pay rates on an annual basis to ensure that there is equitable pay for like positions within programs and the department.